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Terms & Conditions

The following are the Terms and Conditions for participation in the Affiliate Program (herein referred to as “the Program” or “we”). Costaction is a service that provides a cost per action type of affiliate program, is a registered company:


  1. You must be at least eighteen (18) years of age or the legal age in your jurisdiction to participate in the Program.
  2. In order to participate, you must register by submitting an application with CORRECT information via our website.
  3. We reserves the right to deny to participate in the Affiliate Program with no reasons given.
  4. The following are examples (including but not limited to) of the type of sites or applications that are not allowed to participate in the Program:a. Hacking or Phreaking.b. Containing or linking to any form of illegal activity (for example how to make drugs).c. Racial, ethnic, political, hate-mongering or otherwise objectionable content.d. Material that defames, abuses, or threatens physical harm to others.e. Any illegal activity whatsoever.
  5. You are responsible to keep your information on-file accurate for proper notifications.
  6. You may only hold one account with the Program.
  7. A Program Member receives a reward for Target Action of visitors that have passed to the Advertiser's website as a result of the placement of a Program Member on the Internet of Advertising materials in the form of banners and links. The Target Action in this sense can be actions such as purchasing access to a site, installing an application, and others.
  8. You agrees that the calculation of accomplished TargetActions will be based on the data from the Costaction system.
  9. Payouts are processed 4-5 times a week. Payments are usually processed from 8 am till 5 pm GMT. Payments can be withdrawn using Credit Card, Webmoney, Paypal, Bitcoin, Skrill, Payoneer, Yandex Money, QIWI, PerfectMoney, Epayments, Capitalist. The minimum payout threshold $10.
  10. You agree if you are in violation of this agreement, all reward shall be forfeited. No reward shall be paid for traffic deemed as fraudulent, at the sole and exclusive discretion of the Program’s administration.
  11. Costaction offers up to 12% referral program to Partners with active and payable accounts only.a. Partners can refer other Internet users to Costaction and receive up to 12% of their earnings. To permit accurate tracking, reporting, and commission fee accrual, Costaction will provide partners with special unique “refer” link, which is displayed on the Referrals page in the partners Costaction account.b. It is the Partners responsibility to ensure that the “refer” links are integrated properly on their websites or other display zone of choice.c. Partners may promote the program on their websites, as long as the website meets our program policies listed in this agreement.d. To protect the integrity of the reputation of Costaction brand name, Partners may not promote the “invite” referral links via certain forms of indiscriminate advertising, commonly referred to as “spamming.”e. Partners may promote the “invite” referral links and the service via mailings to recipients who are already customers or subscribers to their website’s services, provided that the recipients have the option to remove themselves from future mailings. Further, Partners may promote the “invite” links via newsgroup postings to newsgroups that specifically welcome commercial messages.f. In all promotions, Partners must clearly represent themselves as entities independent from Costaction.g. Partners may not refer themselves or earn commission for signing up through creating multiple accounts at Costaction.h. Costaction reserves the right at its sole discretion to modify the foregoing rules at any time. Costaction reserves the right to take action against any person or entity that does not confirm to these rules.

Prohibited content

You agree that you will not use Costaction to advertise content that You did not create or that You do not have all intellectual property rights, licenses, and permissions. You hereby promises that you will not not infringe any intellectual property rights of another person.

Costaction will not allow any of the following content relating to:

a. Pornography and/or content, including, but not limited to, child pornography, rape, bestiality, violation, incest, coprophilia, drunken, pee, anorexic and other similar content;

b. Promotions dealing with escort services, dating services, illegal goods, illegal drugs and/or actions relating to any terrorist activities;

c. Providing materials that illustrate any hatred towards others that may or may not be slanderous, grossly offensive, expressions of prejudice or lewd blatant profanity that involves violence, harassing, bullying and otherwise objectionable content;

d. Services that result in spamming and/or any pyramid schemes or gambling;

e. Posts that promote instructions to encourage destructive or illegal actions against any governments, organizations or law enforcement agencies;

f. Content that introduces the use of any harmful viruses, codes and/or Trojan Horses;

g. Content that would violate any copyrights, trademarks, and/or patents within third party without the explicit written consent of the sole owner.

Earnings Disclaimer

  1. The Program will not be held liable for any loss due to server downtime, network downtime, packet loss, net traffic problems, disasters, acts of government, strike, lock-out, communication line or power failures, inoperability or destruction of the Site or its components. The Program shall do everything in its power to maintain the highest standard of availability of its system.
  2. We are not responsible for damages to you, your servers, your users or your users' hardware caused directly or indirectly by Costaction.
  3. The Program reserves the right to modify any part of this agreement at anytime without prior notice. Should you choose to not accept the amendments, the only action you can take is to terminate your account and have all outstanding reward paid to you. Continued participation in the Program and/or no action shall mean that you have accepted the modifications to the agreement. All modifications shall become active 24 hours after the modifications.

Privacy Policy

If you have a Costaction account, your email address, password and payment information will be stored on our servers. This information never leaves our servers. We will not disclose your email address to any third party. Your account passwords are stored hashed and salted using bcrypt.

We record your IP address alongside your account information with each login into your Mineralt account. This is used to reproduce what happened in case your account was compromised.

We collect analytics data on our site.

We uses cookies to distinguish you from other users of our website.

We also use the localStorage API.

We also use Google Analytics, please see their terms here:, and Yandex Metrika, please see their terms here:

This list is complete and current it may change in the future. Costaction is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.